viking ski club

Viking BR/JR program levels
Making sure participants are in the appropriate level can be a challenge. The level they’re placed in depends on age, technical ability, the number of years of coaching they’ve had, endurance, and the ability of others in the group.
General comments about levels

  1. Don’t be concerned about the level your child starts the season in, especially if it’s a lower level than their age might suggest. It’s always easier to move "up" a level than "down". The instructors or program coordinator will advise you after the first or second lesson if your child should change levels. 
  2. Consider your child's experience on skis rather than his or her age. Age matters, but isn't always a guarantee of ability. 
  3. Consider your child's overall motor skills and attention span; the higher the level, the more he or she will need of each. 
  4. If your child has never skied before, he or she will typically be registered at a lower level. 
  5. It’s more important that your child succeed in learning new skills and have fun than achieve a higher level.

Skills Progression
As a general guideline, here’s what youngsters can expect to learn at each level.


Age / Experience





Viking BR

New skiers
No or limited ski experience 
Usually 4-5 years old

Emphasis is on having fun on skis 
Balance and movement are key objectives 
Children must want to ski 
Limited use of ski poles

Viking JR1

Beginner skiers 
Limited ski experience  Usually 6-7 years old

Skills begin to be taught 
Can get up from a fall on the flats 
Can keep skis straight while moving forward 
Can climb hills using herringbone & side step 
No skating taught at this level

Viking JR2

Novice skiers 
One to 2 years of ski experience 
Usually 7-8 years old

All Level 1 skills plus: 
Beginning of diagonal stride ("gliding") 
Straight running and turning on downhill 
Stopping and turning, using the “Snowplow” 
Can get up from a fall on a hill 
Double poling 
Introduce skating techniques

Viking JR3

Experienced skiers 
Two to 3 years ski experience
Level 2 completed
Usually 8-9 years old

All Level 2 skills plus: 
Developing skating techniques 
Marathon Skate 
Free Skate and Skate Turn 
Diagonal Skate 
One-step Double Poling 
Intermediate diagonal stride 
Endurance requirement=10/5 min classic/skate

Viking JR4

Experienced Viking JRs
Three to 4 years ski experience
Level 3 completed 
Usually 9-10 years old

All Level 3 skills plus: 
Step Turns 
Parallel Side Slipping 
Two Skate 
Endurance requirement=15/10 min

Viking Bows

Experienced Viking JRs
Four or more years ski experience 
Level 4 completed
Usually 10-12 years old

All Level 4 skills plus:
Refining techniques 
Improving endurance and speed Endurance requirement=30/20 min

* Parents and kids please note: It is quite common for kids to repeat the top levels – there is a lot to learn, and the season is short!