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For Viking members

You can ski faster, with less effort just by learning the right technique. Viking offers group ski lessons for adults, adjusted to levels of ability levels.  Each program includes three one-hour lessons given on Saturdays.

The First program offers novice skiers an initiation to classic techniques; diagonal stride on the flat and uphill, double-poling, one step double-pole, herringbone, snowplow turns and snowplow braking.

The Second program offers intermediate level skiers the opportunity to refine their mastery of basic skills. The instructor helped them improve their posture and increase theirefficiency in the application of different techniques. This program included an initiation to skate-skiing.

The Third program focussed on mastering the techniques of skate skiing (free technique).

All courses are given by qualified CANSI (Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructors) instructors, with individual lessons available on request.