viking ski club


Saturday, October 21

Team A worked on the Crown South from Lac Gustave Rd to G4 (Lac Dey), and team B tackled the Crown South from Lac Gustave Rd. to Lac En P (just past I-3) Meanwhile Team C worked on the Yellow from R to H1 and (at the request of a landowner) also rerouted a section of the Yellow from just south of R to Jackson Rd. 
Thanks to: Doug Bowes-Lyon, Derek Wills, Cathy Barr, Bruce Underwood, Lynda Porter and David Yardley (both new members), Gordon Cohen, Don Hetherington, Jarmila Philipp, Katherine Walsh, Don Smith, Andrea Smith, Jack Rudnicki (new member), Arja Fischer, Kristan Fischer, John Maase.

Progress map.