viking ski club


Saturday, October 7

Four teams were on the job last Saturday. Team A worked on the Crown South from chemin de lac Rond (D1) to G to G2 and on to lac Hills, as well as half of the lac Hills bypass. Team B completed the Ridge trail from R1 to J. Team C tackled the Black, completing about half the trail starting from R to R1 and beyond. And Team D finished off the Blue from K to J3 to J and on to the new beaver pond south of J. 

Thanks to: Doug Bowes-Lyon, Daphne Armstrong, Celia Lang, Howard Bussey, Nathalie Marchildon, Bill Minarik, Jan-Erik Deadman with Anne Geneviève Ialongo and Mathieu and Felix Brouillard, Richard Bourdeau with Nicole Sabourin and Julien Bourdeau, Marie-Claire Strutkowska, Philip Harrison, Arja Fischer, Kristian Fischer, Sam Abramson, John Maase.

Progress map.