viking ski club


Host of the Day

Coordinator: Laure Cohen (

•  55 slots available
•  Hosting involves opening and closing the club on a Saturday or Sundaythroughout the ski season, clearing snow off the walkway and balcony, directing traffic on Saturday mornings, welcoming visitors, selling day passes.
•  We need four hosts on program Saturdays, and two on other weekend days from Christmas until the end of March.

Credit: 1 volunteering day


Fall Trail Clearing

Contact Persons: Doug Bowes-Lyon ( and Judy Rogers (

•  Trail Clearing involves preparing the trails for winter: cutting branches, removing vines and underbrush.
•  Thursdays and Saturdays during the fall.
•  e-mail reminders are sent to members during the fall.
•  Just one day of trail clearing per member will be counted toward volunteer requirements.

Credit: 1 volunteering day


Morin-Heights/Viking Loppet event

Contact Person: Marie–France Allard (
For details about this co-hosted event with the Municipality of Morin-Heights, visit

There’s a wide range of indoor and outdoor tasks:
•  Ski trail preparation, checking, clearing and signage (done the week before the event).
•  Helping at the Morin-Heights school with registration, working in the cafeteria, or helping in parking lot and with the buses on the day of the Loppet.
•  Helping at the Viking Ski Club with communications and start-line coordination.
•  Staffing refreshment stations along the courses.

Note: All volunteers are invited to a post-Loppet party at City Hall.

Credit: 1 volunteering day


Assistant Ski Instructor, Youth Programs

Contact Person: Neil Price (

• Assistant instructors are needed for each group in the youth programs.
•  These volunteers ski with the group every Saturday throughout the season.

Credit: 4 volunteering days


Administration, Youth Programs

Contact Person: Neil Price (

•  Coordinators are needed for each of the following programs: Viking BR and Viking JR, Challenge, and Biathlon.
•  Activity Coordinator and Supervisor of Assistant Coaches.
•  Parent Volunteer Coordinator.
•  Information Coordinator.

Credit: 4 volunteering days


Coordinators of special activities in the youth programs

Contact Person: Kim Marineau (

•  Orienteering         (Credit: 4 days)
•  Mini-Marathon      (Credit: 2 days)
•  Mini-Olympics      (Credit: 2 days)
•  Spring Picnic        (Credit: 2 days)


Club Administration

Contact Person: Richard L'Heureux (

•  Directors: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary et al.
•  See a complete list of these positions and a description of their responsibilities here.
•  Each Director is helped by several coordinators (see the above list).

Credit: 4 volunteering days