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Snowshoe Trails Update: Jan. 24, 2012

Changes were made to the Small Alpino Snowshoe Trail in response to unfavourable feedback about using the Alpine ski trail for the first leg of this loop. Morin–Heights made it clear that they wished to retain the Alpino Trail for skiing only. 

Consequently, an intrepid group of 6 trail-blazers set out on a beautiful Saturday morning to establish a new route for the first leg of this trail. Chris Teron, equipped with GPS and Iphone, mapped the new trail, while others marked it with the distinctive yellow-pink ribbons.

That afternoon, the trail was open for business and received enthusiastic feedback from users.

As before, the trail starts across Jackson road from the east end of the parking lot. It runs parallel to the ski trail down to the creek. Once you cross the creek, the snowshoe trail turns right for a short stretch of two-way traffic, and then splits off to the left (east) above the ski trail. Eventually it meets up with the survey line, and the trail back to the clubhouse, as established last year. 

Isabel Siguin reported that the trails on her land, north of the clubhouse, are in good shape and open for business.

Trail markers are being prepared. As soon as they are ready, they will be installed on all of the snowshoe trails together with the distinctive ribbons.

If you are interested in helping to maintain and expand the snowshoe trails, contact .