viking ski club



General Info

The Bunny Rabbits and Jack Rabbits programs are the first two stages of Viking’s ski programs for children. They offer a balance between learning skiing skills and having fun through games and play. This “fun” can include playing soccer on skis or going through an obstacle course, activities that help youngsters become comfortable on skis while learning skills such as balance and skating without poles. Lessons usually consist of learning a technical skill, followed by a ski in the forest.

The Viking Arrows is a followup program for Viking JRs graduates who want to race. The Arrows team takes part in a selection of races during the season. The program's focus is on continuing to improve ski technique and setting personal challenges, while at the same time stressing the importance of team spirit.

The Viking Challenge program is a followup from the Viking JRs program for older skiers who have good endurance and are looking to improve their technique through recreational ski activities. The program is designed so that skiers work with the instructor to decide on the group’s challenges – and how to meet them – during the season.

All programs are taught in French and English.