viking ski club


October 17

PRODUCTIVE DAY OCT. 17: Lots of trail clearing work was accomplished last Saturday, with present and prospective members splitting into three teams. Team A - mostly parents and kids from the youth programs - worked on the Racing Trails. Team B worked on the Red and Orange from M to M2, M3, E1 to F. Team C worked on the Yellow and Blue, starting near J2 on the Blue and finishing at H1 near Jackson Rd. All in all, reports leader Doug Bowes-Lyon, a very productive day.

Thanks to: Jean-Pierre Campeau, John Masse, Doug Bowes-Lyon, Linda Collier, Dick Pickering, Mathalie Marchildon, Bill Minarik, Don Smith, Andrea Smith, Derek Wills, Tomas Krejcik, Barbara Hayton, Toby Molins, Matthew Hunt, Johanthon Losk, Neil Price.