viking ski club


Use care and courtesy

• The club maintains a network of 50 km, including 10 km on what are known as the Racing Trails (groomed for skating and classic) near the clubhouse. The remaining trails are for classic only.

•  All our trails have both hilly and flatter sections and generally require some skill and experience.

• Viking is NOT a commercial centre; it’s a volunteer club with modest resources. This means trails are not patrolled or swept at the end of the day.

 • Everyone using Viking trails should carry maps (of the Viking network and adjacent networks), and should not ski alone.

• Most of the Viking trails cross private land. Over the years some trails have had to be rerouted, sometimes at short notice, so the map might not reflect recent changes. All the more reason to be informed before you set out.

• Please show consideration for the landowners whose properties our trails cross.  Treat the land as if it were your own. Please don’t leave any litter or cut through owners’ gardens or driveways. And do pack out everything you pack in.