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What's happening at Viking

CLUBHOUSE: There is still some skiing available on Viking trails, although the clubhouse is no longer hosted and trails are no longer being groomed. Click here for details on getting the key and using the clubhouse.

SKI WITH THE CREE 2018: Five people, including three Vikings (Frank Philpott, Jarmila Philipp and Chris Neal) made the journey north - by car, train and ski - to the Moose Cree Nation in March. Click here to see Frankís full report, and on 1, 2 & 3 to see short videos by trip participant Henry Huang.

VIKING 50 YEARS AGO: A club newsletter from April 1968 gives us a glimpse of club activities and priorities a half century ago. Enjoy this blast from the past!

• Go here for Pierre’s track-setting report. (March 10)
• Go here for conditions in the Laurentians (Site is run by Guy Thibaudeau and updated frequently.)
• Go here for the RSFL site - consult the Viking section, which a Viking member updates regularly.
• Go here for Morin-Heights trails.
• Go here for the Trail Conditions section of the Viking forum. You can read without logging in. Instructions if you want to post or reply.

SKIP SHELDON: died December 29, 2017. Go here to learn about Skip, his importance to Viking, and what this means for our Racing Trails.

KARL BAADSVIK FUND: What is it? How can it help Viking? Read about it here. (Dec. 13)

PHOTOS: here.

VIKING FORUM: The forum is now restricted to Viking members, so when you click here (to access the forum) you may be asked for the Viking username and password (same as for the Members Only section). You can then read all posts by clicking on ďAll topics", but to reply to a post or start a new topic, you will need to register. See how to register and how to post or reply here.