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Karl Baadsvik Fund

Karl Baadsvik (1910-1995) was one of the founding members of the Viking Ski Club. In the 1930s, he earned renown by winning several ski competitions, in alpine, jumping and cross-country. At the time, skiers often aspired to shine in all of the sport’s disciplines. In 1933 and 34, Karl Baadsvik won the Dominion Championship Combined, Canada’s highest skiing distinction.  In 1935, he took the Quebec Kandahar Cup, a difficult descent held on Mt. Tremblant.

His successes earned him a spot on the Canadian Olympic team for 1936, in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. There, he took part in the alpine combined, cross-country, nordic combined and ski jumping. Still today he is a model for club members young and old, so to keep the memory of this great skier alive, the Viking Ski Club has created the Karl Baadsvik Fund.

Every year, club members and non-members make donations to the club. The creation of the Karl Baadsvik Fund will structure this practice and increase its impact.  From now on, donations to the Viking Ski Club, other than those earmarked for a specific purpose, will be channelled into the Karl Baadsvik Fund to finance initiatives that contribute to the development and expansion of the club (preservation of the trail network, building improvements, acquisition of trail maintenance equipment, etc.).  Contributions to the Fund will be recorded in a separate account and their use will be subject to Board approval.

Members and non-members are encouraged to contribute to the Karl Baadsvik Fund by cheque, with a note indicating that the payment is for the Karl Baadsvik Fund.