viking ski club



Can I bring a friend?
Certainly, such guests are often potential members. Bringing them to the club is a great way to show them the facilities and introduce them to ski trail network.

Can I bring my dog?
Sorry but no. Dogs destroy the tracking on the ski trails and endanger other skiers.

Who takes care of the clubhouse and trails?
We all do! This is a volunteer-based club and, with the exception of two paid workers who do the track-setting, everything else is handled by volunteers.

What kind of volunteer work is needed?
The club relies on its members to make everything happen: from serving on the board and organizing programs, to helping with kids’ lessons, clearing trails in the fall, and hosting at the clubhouse on weekends — and plenty more! In fact, it’s safe to say that the club would not exist without all its members who volunteer their time.
Each individual member is required to contribute two days of volunteer work per season, and each family four days. (Many members contribute far more than their required days.) Those who are unable to volunteer instead pay a fee of $50 for each day not worked.
The membership form lists the many activities you can get involved in.
Get more answers to your questions about volunteering here. And go here for a description of the most common jobs at Viking.

Who owns the land at Viking?
Viking Ski Club does not own its trails. Our trails run on land owned by the Crown or individuals.

What’s involved in trail clearing?
Trail clearing is a fun way to get out on and work in the bush and is something teens and older preteens can enjoy. Experienced chain saw and brush cutter operators are always welcome, but so are members who can wield a lopper or handsaw, build bridges and haul brush felled by others. Viking has power and hand tools, but it’s great if you can bring your own. Remember to bring gloves, good boots, and pack a hearty lunch. Trail clearing takes place every Saturday and most Thursdays from the end of September through November.

Does someone “sweep” our trails at the end of the day?
No, our trails are not patrolled. This means you should be well equipped with extra clothing (plus a space blanket), food and water, and a basic first-aid kit. Never go out alone; in fact, groups of three are best so if someone is injured, one person can stay behind while the other goes for help.

Can members use the clubhouse during the week? What’s the procedure?
Yes, you can use the club during the week. Pick up the key as described below. The most important thing when you arrive at the club is to turn on the water (instructions are on the wall). Feel free to use the kitchen facilities, but please clean up after yourselves. When you go out skiing, lock the door and take the key with you. And when you leave for the day, please leave everything as you found it.

How can members get the key when no host is on duty?
• General members (not trail members) can pick up the key at the Bonisoir/Ultramar station (Intersection of Rts 364 and 329) in Morin-Heights. 
• Show your current membership card with the Blue Viking logo.
• Sign the register to confirm receipt of the key.
• Return the key to the Ultramar station on your way home. Sign the register to confirm the key has been handed back.
• Do NOT give the key to anyone else to return.

How much snow is needed before Viking trails can be track-set?
Because of the nature of our trails (some follow old logging roads and creek beds; some cross lakes, swamps, beaver dams and rocky areas) we need a minimum of 60 cm of snow, preferably heavy wet snow to provide a base. If you help with fall trail-clearing, you’ll know that many sections of trail are difficult to walk over — let alone drive over with grooming equipment. Usually the Racing Trails are the first to be track-set.

Can Vikings ski on Morin-Heights trails? Can we use MH parking lots?
Yes, provided Vikings show their current membership cards to Morin-Heights municipal staff who monitor these trails and parking facilities.