viking ski club


October 31

There were 15 members and two non-members; one a past president, the other a young student doing his community service. The group was divided in to three teams. Team A tackled the Black trail, Team B took up the challenge of the “very moist” Crown East, and Team C did the 7 km and 10 km racing trails loops. All in all, a very productive day, bringing us to about 90% task completion. Please note that there will be trail clearing next Saturday to hopefully finish off the remaining 10%.

Thanks go to these volunteer working participants: Doug Bowes-Lyon, John Masse, J.P. Campeau, Dick Pickering, Ron Laughlin, Cathy Barr, Bruce Underwood, Michael Dohrendorf, Marcel Laurence, Brent McCosker, Joey Rossini, Arja Fischer, Gordon Cohen, Frank Philpott, Philip Harrison, Derek Wills, Richard L’Heureux