viking ski club


Saturday, October 15

Perfect weather and a large turnout meant a good chunk of trails completed. Team A completed the Black, Team B the Crown East, while Team C worked on the Yellow to the Crown West and the Crown West to I (intersection of Crown South and Blue). Brent and Doug handled some chain saw work, while Gordon and David installed trail markers and signs on the Red. Progress map.

Thanks to all these workers: Jean-Pierre Campeau, Doug Bowes-Lyon, David de Volpi, Jarmila Philipp, Gordon Cohen, Greg Moeck, Paul Moeck, Lucas Moeck, Greg Ward, Isla Ogilvie, Quentin Stoyel, Ron Laughlin, Dick Pickering, Tim Baker, Patricia Leclerc, Henri L. Ramsay, Derek Wills, Carole Labelle Molson, Brent McCosker, Steven Octroff.

(If you worked this day and don’t see you name here, please contact Doug. We cannot read your name on the list.)