viking ski club


Volunteering at Viking: FAQ

Q. Why is volunteering at Viking so important?

A. Viking Ski Club relies completely on the contributions of its members. With the exception of ski instructors and track setters, all work is done by volunteers.


Q. How much volunteering is required of Viking members?

A. Every member is required to contribute a minimum of two volunteer days (four per family) per season. Some volunteers contribute much more than this. If they choose, members can contribute monetarily in lieu of volunteering. In this case, they pay $50 per day not worked, for a maximum of $100 per individual and $200 per family.


Q. How can I fulfill my volunteer responsibilities?

A. See the list of Volunteer jobs.


Q. My children are enrolled in the Viking BR and Viking JR programs. Do I have to help out with their classes as well?

A. In addition to two volunteer days per person (four days per family) required for general Viking Ski Club membership, all parents of children enrolled in the youth programs must help out with their child’s ski group. This contribution is usually small, but absolutely essential to the smooth functioning of the programs.

Information about these jobs will be provided on the first day of classes and a sign-up sheet will be circulated. Here’s what they might involve:

• Helping run an activity once during the season
• Lighting the fire in Skip’s Hut prior to the start of lessons
• Preparing a bonfire for the annual hot dog roast
• Handing out drinks and snacks at the mini-marathon
• Helping serve at the annual coffee and dessert social

We ask that parents help out in their child’s group twice per season.


Q. If I do more than one day of trail clearing, why does just one day count toward my volunteer requirement?

A. On many days, more trail clearers show up than are needed. The board has therefore decided to limit the volunteering credit for trail clearing to one day per member. Of course, you’re welcome to come out for trail clearing as often as you like - and many members do enjoy this important activity (especially on beautiful fall days). But even if you work more than one day, your volunteer credit will remain at one day. We hope this will encourage members to help out in other areas, for example hosting where there is a very great need for volunteers.


Thanks to the cooperative volunteer efforts of all members at the Viking Ski Club, a winter of great cross country skiing and camaraderie can be enjoyed by all!