viking ski club



No experience necessary

These are introductory programs designed to teach the basics of cross-country skiing and biathlon shooting using air rifles.

Participants will learn about biathlon, and programs will be adjusted to accommodate different skill levels.

No shooting experience is required. Each program is designed to be as fun or as competitive as the participant wants.


Bears Program

For 9-14 years old.
Offered Saturday morning

This program is based on the badge system established by Biathlon Canada, which rewards successes and improvements in shooting accuracy and skiing skills.

The program has three progressive levels:  Black Bears, Grizzly Bears and Polar Bears, with participation and skill achievement badges in each level.

In the Black Bears level, participants will learn basic freestyle skiing techniques and shooting-related skills such as:

• rifle parts and set-up
• sight adjustment
• prone position,
• aiming/sight
• natural alignment
• breathing
• trigger control and follow through 

Each participant receives a take-home tracking passport.

The overall objective of the Bears Program is to develop a respect for safety, love of the outdoors, a healthy lifestyle, excellent technical skills and a good level of physical fitness.

The Junior/Adult Biathlon Program is based on the Bear’s program.

For 15 years –adult
Offered Saturday afternoon

A typical session

Each session will typically consist of the following (although this is temperature and skill dependent):
• a 10-minute group warm-up;
• 50 minutes of ski instruction;
• 50 minutes of target practice. 
• 10-minute cooldown

• It is strongly recommend that participants arrive half an hour ahead of time to get prepared.
• It’s usually best for parents to let their children attend class without direct parental involvement. The instructors are great with the kids, and most kids perform better this way.



• All shooting equipment will be provided, including target air rifles and biathlon falling plate targets and pellets. (Part of the course fee goes towards rifle rental and/or purchase.)
• Participants must have their own ski equipment. Because the skiing style will be skating, participants might want to get skate skis as skills develop.

Minimum equipment requirements

Skating technique is officially the type of skiing done for biathlon.
• Skating skis
• Poles; one pair at skating length poles
• SNS/NNN boot/binding system. No 3-pin